We mourn our much esteemed colleague Prof. Dr. med. med. Wolfgang Elies who died on 23 August this year. He will miss us and the medical community – as a human and as a proven expert in ENT medicine.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Elies portrait

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Elies – Specialist doctor in neurosurgery, specialist doctor in ENT medicine and specialist in complex ENT surgery

Prof. Dr. med. Elies was not a doctor within the group practice, but he is available as an advisory medical consultant (private doctor) for specific issues in the field of surgery on the base of the skull.

National study of medicine

  • Study of human medicine in Berlin and Tübingen
  • German State Examination


  • Sponsorship from the German Research Foundation (DFG) 1968-1970

Advanced training as specialist doctor in neurosurgery

  • Neurosurgical Department of the University Clinic Tübingen

Advanced training as specialist in complex ENT surgery and facial plastic surgery

  • ENT Clinic at the University Clinic Tübingen
  • ENT Clinic at the University Clinic Aachen

Senior positions

  • Senior doctor in the Neurosurgery Department at the University Clinic Tübingen
  • Chief resident doctor at the ENT Clinic of the University Clinic Tübingen
  • Executive Senior Doctor at the ENT Clinic of the University Clinic Aachen
  • Chief consultant at the ENT Clinic, Clinic for Head and Throat Surgery and Plastic Surgery of the City Hospitals Bielefeld-Mitte

Academic career

  • Postdoctoral qualification in the subject of ENT medicine with the subject "Etiology and pathogenesis of cochleo-vestibular disorders on one or both sides"
  • Nomination at short notice as Professor at the RWTH Aachen with the areas of work:
    -  Oto-Neurosurgery
    -  Microsurgery on the sinus cavities
    -  Microsurgery of the middle ear for the correction of hearing
    -  Infectious diseases
    -  General and special clinical-pharmacological issues


  • German Society for ENT Medicine, Head and Throat Surgery
  • Paul Ehrlich Society for Chemotherapy and German Society for paediatric Infectious Diseases


  • Professor Elies is author of more than 250 scientific publications, teaching books and lectures.