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Training & skill. Specialist medical expertise can only follow in-depth qualification.

With the face and the base of the skull, the nose and the sense of smell, the ear and the sense of hearing based there or as the organ used for balance, Nature has created fascinating anatomical structures, which inspire even us as doctors again and again.

The structure and function of these organs and body zones are enormously complex. As doctors, ENT surgeons and facial plastic surgeons, we can only live up to this very demanding requirement, if we possess the corresponding anatomical and surgical skills.

We have carefully built up our knowledge and abilities.

Each of the specialist doctors working in our group practice in Kassel has obtained the required expertise. This required the fundamental surgical skills to be learnt during challenging periods of training, as well as extensive specialist medical training. This is the only way to gain the comprehensive expertise required for individual, very specialised subsections of highly complex ENT surgery:

  • ENT medicine, with a focus on nose and ear surgery
  • Facial plastic surgery
  • Special ENT surgery
  • In addition there are further specialist surgical qualifications, e.g. from the Fisch Microsurgery Foundation for advanced surgery on the ear and skullbase.
For us expertise also means passing on knowledge actively

Our high level of specialisation has grown into a veritable treasury of practical and theoretical knowledge over many years. We protect this and build it up further, but are also prepared to share this in regular workshops with other dedicated doctors.

As a result, we are always available to exchange knowledge with other specialists in our practice. We participate in first class events nationally and internationally and also run advanced training ourselves.

  • For the transfer of knowledge in the field of nasal plastic surgery we organize the multi-day RHINO®-Workshop, which has now become one of the largest German-speaking advanced training events in this field.
  • For advanced ear surgery training, we run the regular Middle Ear Workshop. This gives interested smaller groups of ENT surgeons the opportunity to train using surgical techniques within a very practice-oriented advanced training framework.