Crooked nose header picture

Crooked nose, crooked bridge of nose, crooked tip of nose: the nose correction must be appropriate.

A correction to straighten a nose may be considered if you suffer from a crooked nose naturally or your mis-shapen nose is the result of an injury or an accident. Often for affected patients the nose is not on the optimal vertical axis. Very often the nose bone has been broken and then heals up again crookedly, which in this situation can also have considerable aesthtetic consequences.

The doctors in our group practice in Kassel specialize in surgical interventions to correct crooked noses. As part of the preparations for this, we will clarify for you how we can give your nose a straight appearance. As we often carry out nose corrections for crooked noses and distortions in the bridge of the nose or correction of the nose bone if it has healed in the wrong shape, the wealth of experience we have built up as a result of this benefits our patients.