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Nose reduction pays off aesthetically in the long term. It therefore represents for us a clear guiding principle.

We regularly get patients coming to us for a nose reduction, who have suffered for long periods of their life from a nose which is much too large or just seems unattractive. It is their most fervent wish for their face finally to have a nose of a normal size. But how do you define the normal or appropriate size? How should the bridge and wings of the nose or the nostrils be created to be in perfect harmony? The best answer to this question, as is so often the case, is to meet individual requests and personal requirements seamlessly and consitently.

As facial plastic surgens who specialize in nose correction, we know that even with a nose reduction, it is not just a question of reducing the size of the nose. It is much more important to use our sensitivity for delicate aesthetics to aim for a harmonious visual synergy of the facial features. Bearing this in mind, a nose, which has been surgically shaped and adapted to be smaller, should not appear too small, too narrow or too nondescript. What is important is that the whole face is in harmony. The authentic facial features you recognize are still there and your familiar face has not been changed too much or even falsified, despite a nose reduction.