Frequently asked questions about nose corrections (FAQ)

In this chapter we have listed a few questions we are often asked by our patients. The answers which follow will give you some initial pointers. For any further requests for information we are happy to discuss these with you during one of our consultations.

Sport following nose correction

In the first four weeks after a nose correction you should abstain from any sporting activity.

Wearing glasses after a nose correction

You should abstain from wearing glasses for at least 4 weeks, or 3 months with heavy glasses.

Exposure to the sun after nose correction

Direct exposure to the sun in the first three months after a nose correction can lead to pigment disorders and/or increased scarring. This also applies to sunbeds.

Medication and nose correction

Please inform us in advance if you are taking medication such as Aspirin®, ASS, Marcumar® or any other preparations that inhibit blood clotting. Efficient blood coagulation is important for any surgical procedure. You should not take any blood-thinning medication during the initial period following rhinoplasty.

Is a quick nose operation also a good nose operation?

Many old surgical sayings, such as "a quick surgeon is a good surgeon" or "a good surgeon can also operate with a knife and fork" are misleading and deceptive. They are no longer valid.

Particularly for a highly complex operation such as rhinoplasty, the patient in not going to assess his surgeon by the brevity of the operation. Of far more importance to you as a patient will be the time, care and dedication your surgeon expends on achieving the best possible results.

The instruments used affect the quality of results. On the one hand, a good nose surgeon will certainly be better able to achieve an acceptable result with non-optimal instruments. On the other hand, a good and responsible nose surgeon will ensure that the appropriate precision instruments are available for every stage of the operation. In Formula 1 racing, it is unlikely that even a very good racer will regularly be among the top three, if his team do not provide him with a powerful racing car.

Prospects for success of a nose correction

If the operation is carried out by an experienced nosen surgeon, then the prospects for success of your nose correction are good.

Is there a guaranteed result for a nose correction?

No medical intervention and no type of surgical treatment is perfectly free of risks and possible complications. This obviously also applies to nose corrections. Therefore, no serious nose surgeon will give a guaranteed result or create any impression that there could be this type of guarantee..

Post operation after previous nose correction (nose post-correction)

Post-operations are often clearly more difficult than the first operation.

Costs for a nose correction

The costs for your nose correction are based on the expenses. To enable you to plan with security we will agree a treatment contract with you. This includes carrying out your nose correction (services provided) and out-patient care for an agreed fixed fee, which includes the statutory sales tax for aesthetic operations.

Inverted-V deformity

An inverted-V deformity is typically the result of a previous nose correction. At the boundary between cartilage and bone in the nose an interruption of the contours occurs, which is visible as an inverted V, for example with frontal photos. Spreader grafts and recently spreader flaps are usually used to avoid an inverted-V deformity.

Further information about nose corrections

Further information concerning the topic of nose corrections can be found on various sub-pages accessed via our homepage.