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Post-correction of the nose at the Rhino-Oto-Centre. Have you already had your nose fixed? And is there still work to do?

For many years now patients have been travelling to us from near and far for consultation about a potential rhinoplasty. Any surgical procedure on the nose is a complex issue since this part of the body is a very intricate structure of bone, cartilage, skin and mucous membrane. Rhinoplasty always means an elaborate series of nasal procedures requiring a high degree of nose surgery experience.

Offers of quick and inexpensive rhinoplasty are likely to be misleading. As the nose is such an important personal characteristic, it is essential to choose a well-qualified rhinoplasty surgeon - even if they work a few hundred miles away.

A long trip and the time associated with it will be worth it, when the result justifies it, especially in the long-term.

As specialists in corrective rhinoplasty, we are here to help you, especially when you have already had aesthetic nose surgery. The prerequisite for a  nose post-correction is an accurate analysis of your current nose shape, combined with realistic expectations on your part. We are often able to help in cases which may appear hopeless as rhinoplasty can transform the existing result into something more coherent and acceptable. However, whether surgery is possible and just which optimisations are suitable, is an individual matter completely dependent on your own personal diagnosis.