We joined this network as a founding member in 2013

Named HEKA Skull Base Surgery and formed in 2013, the network of specialists is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and removal of tumours of the skull base, the cerebellopontine angle, the orbital and the optic nerve. A particular concern of the HEKA is the provision of function-preserving, gentle surgery to remove a tumour. Our group practice, as a founding member, was involved in the launch of this independent association of service providers in the health system. Important other cooperation partners are the ENT Clinic Bad Hersfeld, North Hessen Pathology and numerous other specialist medical experts.

Promoting interdisciplinary co-operation for the benefit of tumour patients

With HEKA Skullbase Surgery we have created a highly-specialzed surgical platform, on which interdisciplinary co-operation and the exchange of many years of experience are as feasible as tailored care and treatment of patients.

Also dedicated to recommending alternative approaches to treatment

To treat people individually, if they come to us with a tumour in specific anatomical structures, using the network we check precisely which therapeutic treatment promises the best chance of success. As microsurgical intervention is not always the answer for removing a tumour. Alternative therapies can often lead to better outcomes for patients.

You can find further information here: www.schaedel-basis.de

Patient information:

As every human being is different and in medicine, because of its very nature, the success of a method cannot be guaranteed, all of our patients receive information before the treatment starts about the procedure, possible alternatives and even about possible risks and complications. Because we want to achieve the best possible care in partnership with you.