We offer operations ranging from challenging aesthetic surgery on the nose and otopexy to highly complex ENT surgery on the base of the skull

The three ENT surgeons in the group practice are highly experienced in facial surgery and ENT surgery. With their international connections, a high-performance nose and ear centre for patients from far and wide has been built up in Kassel. Our varied services in plastic and aesthetic facial surgery and special surgery on the head mean we are able to offer a range of operations from purely aesthetic nose correction to challenging surgical interventions on the base of the skull.

Three specialists

In our group practice three ENT specialist doctors and facial plastic surgeons have come together. Each of them runs their own practice and their intensive and wide-ranging training means they are well qualified to offer a high level of specialisation. With all this surgical experience, we are able to offer you an unusually broad range of surgical procedures for the nose and ears:

  • Aesthetic correction for the nose and ears
  • Aesthetic and functional nose correction
  • Operations on the nasal turbinate bone, the nasal septum and sinus cavities through to nasal reconstruction
  • Surgery on the middle ear
  • Special ear surgery for serious infections of the petrous bone or the mastoid process
  • Advanced and complex interventions on the side of the skullbase
Specialist nurses

As well as the three specialist surgeons, you will be cared for by one of the group practice’s team of experienced nurses.

Directly integrated into the Elisabeth Hospital in Kassel

As the group practice’s premises are located directly in the Elisabeth Hospital in Kassel, we maintain an efficient cooperation both organisationally and also in terms of physical space. The close proximity and continuous dialogue with other specialist departments at the Elisabeth Hospital provide the ideal framework to combine approved inpatient care for our patients seamlessly with pre-operative and post-operative outpatient care.

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The skills of our specialist doctors is based on their comprehensive and highly-specialised training. They are backed up in their daily work by an established team.

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Elisabeth Hospital Kassel

Group practice and clinic are closely linked: patients may, at their own request, benefit from the seamless integration of outpatient and inpatient care.

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Our philosophy

Procedures on the nose, ear and base of the skull always place very high demands on the ENT surgeon: we check whether an operation is appropriate or necessary. And it is our greatest responsibility to be by your side.

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Training & transfer of skills

Intensive training has given us a high level of surgical skill, which sets us apart as ENT specialists and facial plastic surgeons.