Correction of the nasal septum & nose correction header picture

Correction of the nasal septum and aesthetic nose correction in one operation. The goal is to improve breathing through the nose and greater satisfaction with the shape of the nose.

There are probably very few people for whom the nasal septum is positioned absolutely straight and symmetrically in the nose. Tiny variations in this central part of the nose are common. This only becomes a problem for the patient when the lopsided, crooked or unusually-shaped nasal septum exceeds a certain level of acceptability. Bumps and inconsistencies of the nasal septum are either natural - or the result of an accident or injury. Nasal septum correction can redress this and usually is a procedure covered by medical insurance.

A crooked nasal septum can cause considerable health problems, depending on the degree of its abnormality:

  • This is how it obstructs normal breathing through the nose.
  • In the longer term it can also lead to problems with the sinus cavities and the function of the middle ear.
  • As both nasal passages are not used equally during breathing, this leads to an asymmetrical distribution of the nasal passage volume, which reduces breathing function even more.

In our group practice we specialise in interventions such as correction of the nasal septum or surgery to straighten a crooked nasal septum. And if you are also dissatisfied with the external shape, size and visual appearance of your nose, we can deal with the aesthetics of your nose and the surgery on the nasal septum in one operation.