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Nasal passages and sinus cavities provide us with access points for other operations

We place our treatments under the banner of advanced nose surgery, because in the stricter sense, we are not just treating the nose. Our service, for which we have trained to a high degree of specialisation and the access we have to an international network of specialists, is actually a broader, more comprehensive approach to sinus surgery.

For all the techniques and procedures we apply in our area of our work and explain to our patients, who come to us for advice from far and wide, the nostril and sinuses are frequently chosen as the means of access to other anatomical structures close to the sinuses requiring microsurgical or endoscopic treatment. The anatomy of the human head is extremely dense and finely structured in this zone and any intervention is a particularly demanding undertaking. In addition to sophisticated technical instruments and specialist expertise, micro-surgeons and endoscopic surgeons have to have a high level of skill and the ability to maintain absolute concentration.

In the following, we would like to give you a brief overview of our work to highlight the absolute requirement for a high level of surgical expertise.

Tear duct Teaser picture

Tear duct operation

For operations in this area we are able to opt for access through the nose and sinus cavities.

Optic nerve teaser picture

Optic nerve operation

The channel through which the optic nerve runs can be reached through the sinus cavities: we use this for surgical treatments.

Eye socket teaser pictures

Removing a tumour in the eye socket

Depending on where exactly a tumour in the eye socket is situated, it can be reached thorugh the sinus cavities.

Anterior base of the skull teaser picture

Operation on the anterior base of the skull

An accident or operations may cause deformities here, which can be corrected by a procedure through the nose. Tumours in the forebrain can in some circumstances be reached and removed through the nose.

Nasal reconstruction teaser picture

Nasal reconstruction

In this branch we also focus our attention on recreating the nose. Its reconstruction must start from a solid foundation.

Septum perforation teaser pictures

Operation on a septum perforation

This is the term used for a hole in the nasal septum. The operation to seal this is complex and demanding. The sealing procedure is an essential component of our range of services.