Septum perforation header picture

Nasal septum operation – Sealing a septum perforation. A gentle procedure to rebuild the nasal septum.

For breathing through the nose to function correctly, the nasal septum must not only be straight, neither should it have any holes or porous regions. A hole may appear after certain operations, or be caused by a serious violation of the inner nose, abuse of toxic substances like cocaine, or form in the aftermath of auto-immune diseases. If there are one or more holes in the nasal septum, natural nasal breathing and air climatisation of the nose will be significantly compromised. In medicine, we speak of a septal perforation or septal defect.

In order to be able to help patients with this extremely stressful diagnosis, we have also incorporated the closure of septal perforations in the range of surgeries we have on offer. This type of nasal septum operation has very complex requirements. In order to take care of a holey, leaking septum, the inner, deep down structure of the nose has to be accessed. It is necessary to implant cartilage, harvested from another location, in the porous or open location of the nasal septum whereby the size of the graft must be exactly right to a millimeter level of accuracy. Simultaneously, the existing mucosa has to be mobilised so that it can be adapted very carefully without excessive strain.