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Septorhinoplasty. Aesthetic nose correction in combination with functional correction.

Of course, you can have several different surgical procedures performed on the nose at the same time, for instance, a functional and aesthetic nose correction in one operation. This could, for example, be aesthetic correction in conjunction with nasal septum surgery. We are specialists in both areas of rhinoplasty. We often combine surgical correction of the inner nose (septoplasty) with the shape-enhancing optimisation of the externally visible nose (rhinoplasty)

In this way we can efficiently combine both central nose corrections surgically. You will receive from us:

  • A so-called septoplasty and reduction in spongy tissue for the internal structures of the nose like the nasal septum and nasal spongy tissue or nasal turbinate bone.
  • In addition there is the more aesthetic rhinoplasty, which we use to adapt the shape, size and visual appearance of the bridge, tip and wings of the nose to your aesthetic wishes and the other features of your face.
We can offer you efficient septorhinoplasty!

In medicine, the approach of combined rhinoplasty is known as septorhinoplasty. You have the satisfaction of being able to fulfil your aesthetic wishes alongside undergoing a medically essential surgical procedure on the structural function of your nose; always provided that you do have concerns regarding the shape of your nose either in the front or profile view and you do not want to miss the opportunity to correct them surgically.

A short note on the topic of surgery costs for septorhinoplasty

We are here for you with our experience of advising a very large number of patients, and are happy to advise you openly, even at the planning stage, of the costs of achieving your desired outcomes from a nose correction:

  • Uually medically necessary corrections and improvements in the function of the nose using a septoplasty will be covered by your health insurance.
  • As a general rule, you will have to cover the purely aesthetic proportion of the nose operation yourself, as this is not defined as medically necessary.
Nasal septum & nose correction teaser picture

Nasal septum correction & nose correction

A crooked or bent nasal septum obstructs normal breathing through the nose and thus represents a serious health problem. We have the surgical skill to correct this successfully – even in combination with aesthetic nose correction.

Sealing a perforation in the septum & nose correction teaser picture

Sealing a perforation in the septum & nose correction

If there is a hole in the nasal septum, there can be considerable problems if this becomes enlarged. With this operation on the nose we can give you specialist medical treatment – and possibly even consider any aesthetic requests.

Operation on the sinus cavities & nose correction teaser pictures

Operation on the sinus cavities & nose correction

Have your sinus cavities been causing difficulties for years? And have you been bothered by the external appearance of your nose for a long time? We will check for you, whether an operation on the sinus cavities can be combined with an external nose correction and will carry out your surgery.