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Complex ENT surgery. Specialism in procedures on the anterior skullbase, e.g. rhinoliquorrhoea or tumour removal.

A serious car accident in which a head injury results and following surgery of the brain and head, certain anatomical structural issues in the area of the anterior skull base may still need resolving. In this area of ​​the so-called frontal base, cerebral fluid may leak through weak zones into the nose and then the throat. This fortunately very rare occurrence, which is directly related to defects of the bony structure on the front skull, has the medical name of rhinoliquorrhoea.

As in other cases that we include under the generic term of advanced nose surgery, we can take advantage of the option to gain surgical access through the nose. Here, the paranasal sinuses, as a natural access route, facilitate closure of bone defects in the anterior skull base. In addition, an ENT surgical procedure is possible if a tumour in the front base of the skull is still small and favorably located so that we can remove it through the nose.