Eye socket header picture

Removal of a tumour in the eye socket. The route through the nose and sinus cavities makes this operation possible.

The spatially compromised location of the paranasal sinuses, cheekbones and eye sockets from the surgical point of view creates an opportunity to carry out the removal of a tumor using the natural access route of the nose and sinuses. To do this, the tumor in the orbit, that is in the area of ​​the eye socket, must not be too large - and be in a position that we can reach through the sinuses.

Depending on the individual case and the location of the tumor in the eye cavity, it is entirely possible that the gentlest of the procedures is the one with greatest effect. The overarching aim is always to remove the orbital tumor from the body without opening the skull. In addition to a surgical procedure through the nose, the use of a gentler ENT access site may be possible.