Paraganglioma operation. We will support you, if you suffer from a glomus tumour in the side of the skullbase.

Put simply, we talk about a glomus tumour on the ear or in the area of the petrous bone when a patient suffers changes indicating a tumour in specific cell areas of the largest venous channel in the head, the so-called fossa jugularis. The fossa jugularis is a recess in the rear section of the base of the skull. The glomus jugular tumour, also known as paraganglioma, arises here, often spreads typically from the lateral skull base and frequently is in close contact with the nervus facialis and the arteria carotis interna. This is the large, blood supplying main artery in the brain.

To provide the patient the surgical correction needed for such a serious disease, in the first phase of the operation the facial nerve has to be displaced. Only then can we create the necessary access to the affected anatomical area to completely remove the glomus tumour while preserving the function of the facial nerve.

This ground-breaking surgical technique was developed by Prof. Ugo Fisch. The approach and surgical technique is consequently also called the Fisch approach. Because this highly specialised head surgeon developed various Fisch approaches for the surgical localisation of different tumours, he named the approach for the removal of glomus tumours the type A approach to distinguish it from other surgical approaches.