Boxer nose & wide nose header picture

Aesthetic nose correction for a boxer nose. Do you think your nose is too chunky or too wide?

In its original sense, a so-called boxer nose is an unavoidable consequence for people who devote themselves to this sport professionally or as amateurs. As a result of the inevitable blows to the face associated with this, the nose may break, and become flatter and wider in shape as it heals up again.

A phenomenon such as a boxer nose or a nose which does not sit straight on the face and is over-wide and flattened in its external appearance is not just reserved for fist-fighters. It can be inherited genetically or be the result of an accident, during which a strong blow broke the nasal bone. We do treat some patients in our practice where this was the result of a previous operation on a cleft lip and palate. For us as aesthetic specialists a precise diagnosis is just as much part of our daily work as expert advice and carrying out a nose correction by means of a plastic-aesthetic operation.