Hump nose header picture

Aesthetic nose correction for a hump nose. A noticeable bump on the bridge of the nose can affect otherwise attractive aesthetics of the nose.

For the diagnostic and aesthetic evaluation of a hump nose, the key question is always how noticeable the exisiting bump on the bridge of the nose is from the front and also in the side profile of the patient. A small, seemingly harmonious strengthening of the nose bridge line is often normal, as the nasal bone goes from a cartolaginous section to a bony section of the nose and there is consequently a natural transition at this point. Nevertheless even a small bump or nose hump can create an aesthetic dissonance.

We are happy to offer you advice using our many years of specialist medical and surgical skill as nasal surgeons, if you find the shape of your hump nose troubling aesthetically or even if it causes you emotional distress. With the aesthetic nose correction of a hump nose, it is always important to harmonise the line and shape of the nasal bridge, so that a coherent and fluent overall anatomical shape is created.