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Nasal reconstruction. To reproduce the nose and its central facial aesthetics.

Luckily, it is usually only by reading the newspaper that you come across comparatively rare and shocking accidents, for instance when a dog has partially or completely bitten off the nose of a person. There are many reasons a nose reconstruction may be needed. Apart from the loss of the nose by a dog bite, the original form of the nose may be more or less lost by a serious facial injury, a car accident or as a result of a tumor removal from the nose. In such cases the serious consequences to the aesthetics of the face and the emotional experience are interrelated. Loss of the nose or damage to it inevitably lead to loss of function or obstruction of nasal breathing.

Since we have an exceptionally strong focus on a whole range of surgical rhinoplasty methods in our group practice, we are able to facilitate a complete nose reconstruction.

The nose is divided into three layers: the mucous membrane lining, the outside covering skin and the cartilage skeleton in between. The three-layered anatomy has to be taken into consideration for nose reconstruction. The reconstructive surgery of the nose we offer in our practice means grafts of mucosa, skin and cartilage harvested from the body of the patient can be used to construct the new nose. For example, ears and ribs may be the source of cartilage for a new nose, and the skin and mucous membrane harvested from different areas of the body, or mobilised locally, used to create the skin and mucosa needed.

We are happy to offer you, at your request, an in-depth consultation and a diagnostic examination, to guide you along the way to a reconstructed and newly-shaped nose.