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Operation on the sinus cavities. A branch of nasal surgery, which requires a high level of specialism.

There are several air-filled recessed cavities in the bones that form the face of the human skull. These are the sinuses, consisting of the frontal sinus cavities, ethmoidal cells, the sphenoid sinuses and maxillary sinuses. The sinuses are connected by small inlets to the two nasal cavities proper on either side of the nasal septum. As you can see, the human nose is a complex internal system of cavities, requiring perfect interaction for the nose to function naturally.

When nasal polyps form or if you have a congenital or acquired nasal septum warp, chronic inflammation or other factors, your sinuses may become a serious health issue. Based on our expertise as ENT surgeons, we can offer you a thorough diagnostic evaluation and the careful selection of an appropriate conservative treatment or the best method of sinus surgery to relieve your symptoms.