Circumferential canalplasty. A challenging surgical intervention, which is clearly more demanding than simple canalplasty.

In ENT medicine, the term auditory canal is often abbreviated to just canal. Basically, simple canaloplasty is an operation in which we can improve a specific part of the auditory canal. To do this the rear portion of the canal is usually reduced by surgical means. Opening part of the auditory canal is normally easy to realise. On the other hand, for many patients a general canaloplasty is much more detailed and difficult.

To understand this you have to be aware that the front wall of the ear canal forms the back wall of the jaw joint. Injury to the jaw joint is a risk associated with the surgery. The great benefit of the surgically-demanding full canaloplasty lies in the fact that it can facilitate surgery on the middle ear such as tympanoplasty.

Correction of perforation of the eardrum, affecting its front section, generally has a higher relapse rate than perforations of the rear section of the eardrum. Surgeons who can perform a full canaloplasty are better able to avoid such complications. They will mill away the harmful part of the ear canal responsible for the narrowing of the ear canal - which means they also have a good view of the rear perforation. This is an approach likely to reduce the high recurrence rate for perforation in the front section of the eardrum.