Tympanoplasty type III – reconstruction of the auditory ossicles. The chain of your auditory ossicles is rebuilt using a tiny prosthesis.

Hearing would not be possible without three miraculous little bones, known as the hammer, anvil and stirrup, which form the delicate chain of auditory ossicles. This chain of bony structures picks up sound waves arriving at the eardrum and redirects these to the middle ear.

As a consequence of certain ear disorders such as cholesteatoma, bony adhesions or chronic otitis media, the ossicles are destroyed or glued together so they can no longer completely fulfil their important function, and middle ear hearing loss results.

As ENT surgeons specializing in ear surgery, we are able to offer several interventions for patients with this diagnosis. These include the hearing improvement procedures with auto-incus, type III tympanoplasty operation with a titanium prosthesis and stapes surgery with a nitinol platinum prosthesis. The prosthetic procedure on the stapes, the smallest bone of the human body, is also called stapesplasty.

In addition to these miniature prostheses, grafts from the body’s own material can also be used to reconstruct the ossicles. Our surgical expertise in this particular area can help to return your ossicular chain to its optimum position. You can then regain the flexibility needed to allow the passage of sound waves.

Patient information:

As every human being is different and in medicine, because of its very nature, the success of a method cannot be guaranteed, all of our patients receive information before the treatment starts about the procedure, possible alternatives and even about possible risks and complications. Because we want to achieve the best possible care in partnership with you.