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Complete care under one roof: we are happy to provide this for you

You would like to know about the basic principles that guide us in our daily work, which focuses on complex ENT surgery and facial plastic surgery.

We are happy to dicuss our practice’s philosophy and will take you through the same basic principles that guide our specialist medical treatment:

Surgery yes or no? The key question

The first step in our thorough discussions with you will be to determine whether surgery is appropriate, or if other treatments have the potential to be more effective. If an operation is offered, we will carry this out for you. We will use all of our surgical experience built up over decades, the well-practised team in the ENT operating theaters at the Elisabeth Hospital and modern, high-quality specialist equipment and instruments.

Preparation for the operation, the operation itself and inpatient care will all be supervised by the relevant specialist surgeon within our group practice. After you have been discharged from treatment as an inpatient, you will receive further care from your local specialist doctor.

Comprehensive care

We aim to treat you using experienced staff for your ear nose or skullbase surgery. This extends from your first consultation, through to after-care, which we will deliver in consultation with the doctor who refers you. In this way you will always have the very same specialist doctor from our practice by your side.

Working to meet aesthetic or purely medical objectives

If you are considering a procedure such as a nose correction for purely aesthetic rasons, or you are coming to us for a serious medical condition, such as tumor in the side of the skullbase: we are here for you with our highly-specialised surgical skills and will always give 100% to achieve the best possible results.

Careful and diverse cooperation

Depending on the requirements of the individual patient, we work closely with other doctors, who refer people to us for further consultation, clarification of a diagnosis or for surgery. A fundamental part of this is still to look for medical alternatives and possibly even avoid you having an operation. With the care team from our inpatient ENT ward in Kassel, we also have valuable colleagues close at hand.

Continuous further development

An important consideration for us is to maintain top standards in the surgical procedures and techniques we use. We therefore make great efforts to make our operations less daunting and ever more efficient. We are developing new procedures, refining exisiting ones and keeping up with advanced specialist medical training. Most of all, an ongoing exchange of knowledge with ENT specialists and facial plastic surgeons gives us links into a widely-connected international network.