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Special ear surgery. This specialism in particular requires in-depth qualifications.

The highly skilled ENT surgeons who have already successfully completed the full ENT training undergo extra training before entering the specialised areas of ENT surgery. Specialist ear surgery is part of the training for the specialist ENT surgeon. In order to hone the focus of our practice in Kassel on specialist ear surgery, after medical studies, we prioritise ear surgery even during the training for otolaryngology and ENT surgery. As such, we pride ourselves on our experience and expertise gathered from many operations - from which you as patient benefit.

With the demanding operations on the ear and the side of the skullbase as part of our permanent range of services, in addition to the centre of excellence for nose surgery, we have also become a centre of excellence for special ear surgery.

The focus is on operations to improve hearing and treating serious ear disorders

There are many potential causes for bad hearing, or the continual loss of hearing, no matter whether the patient is experiencing inner ear hearing loss, sensorineural deafness, presbycusis or high-frequency hearing loss. The anatomy and function of the human hearing apparatus is extremely complex. The specialist services we offer are hearing-improvement surgery in the form of eardrum operations, middle ear surgery, and ear implants as part of the tympanoplasty procedure.

Of no less importance is our work in the area of the surgical correction of serious ear conditions such as cholesteatoma and otosclerosis.

Patient information:

As every human being is different and in medicine, because of its very nature, the success of a method cannot be guaranteed, all of our patients receive information before the treatment starts about the procedure, possible alternatives and even about possible risks and complications. Because we want to achieve the best possible care in partnership with you.

Circumferential canalplasty

This surgical intervention to widen the auditory canal on all sides is an eminently complex and difficult procedure, as the auditory canal and the joint of the jaw lie side by side. The surgical skill for such an operation, at the end of which one can view the whole edge of the eardrum with a look though the microscope, requires intensive training.

Myringoplasty for sealing the eardrum

If defects in the eardum are causing hearing loss and do not heal up by themselves, we will use transpant material from elsewhere in the body.

Tympanoplasty type III

The purpose of this challenging surgical procedure is to recreate the chain of tiny hearning bones in the middle ear.


With an ear complaint like mastoiditis we can assist you with a surgical therapy.

Subtotal petrosectomy

This operation is used to remove part of the petrous bone, e.g. to treat aggressive and chronic inflammations which are immune to other therapies. In addition this intervention often forms part of surgery on the side of the skullbase, if a tumour needs to be removed.

Decompression of the facial nerve

A type of facial paralysis, often known as facial nerve paresis, is in some circumstances due to restriction of the facial nerve. An operation to relieve this condition can provide a remedy.