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We have the objective to offer you advice and pratctical support, to help you with your health problems or your aesthetic concerns. The procedures in our practice are structured and organised to enable us to focus on these issues. We can offer you further information on this topic here:

A few words on the topic of waiting times in our consultation hours

Please note that we may be called in to the emergency treatment of patients or to medical consultations at short notice, due to our collaboration with the Elisabeth Hospital in Kassel. In addition, consultations with patients who present with complex surgical issues or who are already in aftercare never run precisely the same as you may expect. This can lead to unpredictable waiting times, for which we request your understanding.

Your waiting time to your operation date

How quickly we are able to fit you into our operating schedule is largely determined by your personal health situation. Some cases are already very advanced, which means we must begin treatment immediately. With other patients it can even be advantageous to wait a while and choose a therapeutic alternative to srgiucal intervention first.

What must you be careful of before your operation?

Before your planned operation date is agreed, at our practice you will receive a thorough examination, sound diagnostic clarification and extensive medical advice. As part of these you will be made aware in particular of the selected method of operating and how the intervention will proceed:

  • You will receive a leaflet, in which we will outline all important information for you before your operation, so that you can best prepare yourself.
  • Your operation will take place at the Elisabeth Hospital in Kassel.
  • Before your reception onto the ward in the clinic, which normally takes place on the day of the operation, you will have an appointment for an anaesthetic consultation there. During this the relevant anaesthetist will be available for a personal discussion with you to explain this part of your operation.
  • Shortly before the operation a further discussion with your ENT surgeon from our practice will also take place.
  • Please use these different opportunities for discussion to clarify any questions or uncertainties you may have.
  • Many of the surgical procedures we carry out only reqire a short inpatient stay in hospital, so that you can generally return to your normal routine and job within a few weeks.
  • After you are discharged from the clinic your ENT doctor or another medical expert at your local hospital will carry out any further treatment you require.
Practice news, press & publications

We are grateful for your interest in news about our practice. We are happy to deal with specific questions from specialist journalists at their request. In addition there is a continuous release of articles and publications from our page. Some of these are ready for you to download here:

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