Long nose header picture

Is your nose clearly too long? Aesthetic nose correction can balance out the proportions of your face.

The special position of the human nose as a defining feature at the centre of the face means that abnormalities do not just affect the shape of the nose, but can disrupt the balance of the entire face. A very powerful example of this is any nose which is too long. If its vertical length is too excessive, the entire middle part of the face is overstretched visually. On the other hand, if the tip off a long nose protrudes too far forward, this has unfortunate aesthetic consequences, especially for the profile.

It may be that the extended length of your nose when you look in the mirror has been been obvious since the changes to your face during puberty. And you have possibly been feeling for a long time that you finally need to do something about it. A harmonious correction of a long nose can be achieved with an acceptable operational risk.