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An operation on the sinus cavitites combined with an aesthetic nose correction: we have the specialist medical expertise you need!

The most important thing to remember from the outset with any operation on the sinus cavities: If you are discussing an intervention like this with your GP, only very experienced ENT surgeons should be trusted with your case. The anatomical situation in the area of the sinus cavities in particular is complex.

And specifically so-called polypoid sinusitis, which is a form of inflammation of the sinus cavities and has a chronic pathology, which ooccasionally stays with patients for their whole lives, despite qualified ENT surgical care. This affliction can require repeated operations over the years.

In our group practice in Kassel we have been focusing for many years on complex ENT surgery like operations on the sinus cavities. Not only because of our desire to provide the best possible care for patients with sinus cavity problems. Advanced surgery on the sinus cavities also plays a central role in our specialist medical training and our work today. You can find out more by following this link Special nasal surgery on our website.

Indications for an operation on the sinus cavities

  • You are suffering from anatomical changes, which are obstructing the function of the sinus cavities.
  • A conservative therapy for your chronic inflammation of the sinus cavities may not give you adequate alleviation of your complaint.
  • Your doctor is worried that in the longer term a so-called progression of the condition may occur, with additional lung problems.
  • Your inflammation of the sinus cavities has led to a local acute or chronic complication.

We are here to offer you the required form of ENT surgical care. We will use a minimally invasive endoscopic intervention thorugh the nostrils as well as other minimally invasive methods used in modern surgery on the sinus cavities. Even as part of an operation like this, depending on the basic anatomical situation, we can carry out the aesthetic nose correction you may have been wanting for years for cosmetic reasons.