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General nose surgery – septoplasty. Operations in the area of the internal nose are an essential component of our specialist medical work.

In medical terms, surgery on the internal anatomy of the nose or on the nasal septum comes under the generic term of septoplasty. Fundamentally, the nose is constructed from the nasal bone, the central nasal septum consisting of cartilage and bone, and the two nasal cavities. The nasal cavities are divided into the nasal vestibule, nasal cavity and nasal turbinates. Large parts are lined with a special nasal mucosa, which contains innumerable tiny cilia.

Just his short overview of the structure of the human nose, in which bones, cartilage, tissue and various highly-specialised mucous membranes work together as a single unit, shows you how complex nose operations may turn out.

We are here for you with the required specialist medical expertise and a background of wide-ranging surgical experience in the field of septoplasty. Those surgical interventions, where we proceed through the nose and the sinus cavities, are a particular focus. Such operations require particularly intensive ENT surgical training. In the chapter Special nasal surgery you can find further reading on this.

Nasal septum correction teaser picture

Nasal septum correction

A curvature or change in your nasal septum often leads to an inability to breathe freely through the nose.

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Nasal turbinate bone & nasal spongy tissue

From a permanently ‘tight’ nose to annoying snoring: such symptoms may in some circumstamces be treated surgically, if a previous conservative therapy was unsuccessful.

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Operation on sinus cavities

Precisely the sinus cavities in the nose may cause considerable discomfort. We can offer you surgical unblocking, if conservative therapies have not brought adequate relief.