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Nasal septum correction. A straight central wall of the internal nose is important for breathing through the nose with no problems.

The septum, which is often also known as the nasal septum, forms the large and, from a functional perspective, particularly important separation of the two nasal cavities. The nasal septum, which is made up of cartilage and bony material, must have a reasonably straight and flat structure, otherwise it can only poorly fulfil its function as part of breathing through the nose.

A crooked, bent or lopsided nasal septum leads to difficulty breathing through the nose. For some patients this can even mean the complete closure of a nasal passage. In addition, a crooked nasal septum means the even breathing through both nostrils and climatisation of breath is out of balance. If both nasal passages are not being used to the same extent, the result can be a damaging asymmetry. For the two types of restricted nasal function described, nasal septum correction may be a solution.

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