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Correcting and optimising the nose aesthetically: rhinoplasty is one of our core competencies

Whether you have a nose which is clearly too big, one which just seems too small, an unattractive tip of the nose, a hooked nose, a nose which is not straight or mis-shapen wings of the nose: from the very first analysis of the size and shape of your nose, the overall appearance is decisive. We therefore advise that rhinoplasty for purely aesthetic reasons must also always be appropriate for your face and its dimensions:

  • As we plan your rhinoplasty, i.e. correction of the external nose for cosmetic reasons, we will be guided by your wishes in conjunction with our aesthetic sensitivity and our view of what is surgically acceptable.
  • An important objective for aesthetic nose correction is: to achieve a harmonious result that you like and which provides an overall look, in which your nose and face are consistent with the appearance you are used to.
  • Form and function of the nose are inextricably linked together. Our combined skill in facial plastic surgery and in ENT surgery is the starting point for guiding and supporting you through your nose correction problem.
No other feature of the face is so important

A cosmetic procedure on the nose is regarded as a particular challenge, even amongst successful and specialist plastic-aesthetic surgeons. The nose defines the face more than any other feature. It is so distinctive and dominates your personal and unique appearance so much, that you should select your potential nose surgeon carefully. The quickest and cheapest option can with hindsight prove problematic later on.

As facial plastic surgeons and ENT specialist doctors, we have the expertise for surgery on the nose

We have been through intensive specialist medical training in ear, nose and throat medicine and as facial plastic surgeons, so that we may offer our patients a range of aesthetic nose corrections. This has enabled us to gain fundamental anatomical knowledge and years of surgical experience, from which our rhinoplasty patients benefit.

Boxer nose & wide nose teaser picture

Boxer nose & wide nose

Has your nose become wide and mis-shapen after repeated trauma? A correction is not easy, but is often a realistic possibility for specialists.

Large nose teaser picture

Large nose

Large and over-rounded noses are often also refered to as a pug or potato nose. The psychological effect is just as big – a nose reduction or improvement can help.

Hump nose teaser picture

Hump nose

A hump nose affects the side profile of the face in particular. Nasal hump removal can improve the profile.

Short nose teaser picture

Short nose

Lengthening the nose can be the decisive step in emphasising and developing a more feminine or masculine appearance.

Long nose teaser pictures

Long nose

You are worried that your long nose dominates your face. Nose surgery to shorten this will remove the worry.

Saddle nose teaser picture

Saddle nose

A saddle nose has an unattractive appearance. We have developed an innovative technique using the Kassel L-Beam.

Crooked nose teaser picture

Crooked nose

Whether you have had a crooked nose since birth or you broke your nose in an accident: a nose straightening is usually possible.

Cleft nose teaser pictures

Cleft nose

The shape of the nose may be affected by a congenital cleft in the lip-jaw-palate areas. This may affect the nose internally, as well as in its external appearance.

Nose straightening teaser pictures

Nose straightening

The bridge of the nose and the main aesthetic contours of the nose may be out of kilter in various different ways. Nose corrections of this nature are jobs for specialists.

Nose reduction teaser picture

Nose reduction

With a reduction of the shape and voume of the nose, it’s not just a question of maximum reduction, but of creating an end result where the whole face is in harmony.

Correction of the tip of the nose teaser pictures

Correction of the tip of the nose

A plump, large or deformed tip of the nose is one of the features that we can optimise and balance aesthetically using rhinoplasty.

Wings of the nose correction teaser pictures

Wings of the nose correction

The wings of the nose have a significant impact on the general proportion and effect of your nose.

Nose post-correction teaser picture

Nose post-correction

You have had a nose operation and are not 100 % satisfied with the result? We have been carrying out nose post-corrections for many years and are happy to assess the prospects of a successful new nose operation for you.