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Surgical ear reduction – you no longer have to accept ears which are too large and too dominant visually.

Perhaps you have been suffering for many years from the considerable size of your ears and their inevitable dominance visually? Women in particular, and especially younger women, often try to conceal or even hide such features with a suitbale hairstyle.

Maybe your own patience is long since exhausted and you want an ear reduction. Aesthetic correction of the outer ear and earlobes reduces these anatomical structures and produces an optimum ratio of size to facial features.

Asad Garayev's exceptionally fine aesthetic sensibility makes him one of our foremost experienced surgeons providing plastic surgery services. He is committed to providing the ear reduction surgery to improve facial harmony and the wish to look your best.

Patient information:

As every human being is different and in medicine, because of its very nature, the success of a method cannot be guaranteed, all of our patients receive information before the treatment starts about the procedure, possible alternatives and even about possible risks and complications. Because we want to achieve the best possible care in partnership with you.