How do I find the right nose surgeon?

Nose corrections are some of the most challenging plastics operations. Even more important for you as the patient is the choice of your nose surgeon: not an easy exercise when you consider the number of nasal surgical services you may be presented with directly or indirectly.

Qualifications for nose surgery

Basic training in all aspects of nose surgery forms a secure foundation, which a surgeon will extend step by step over the years, building up his individual range of experiences and then establishing his particular specialism. Experienced and well-regarded nose surgeons usually have a long and intensive period of training behind them, during which they will have dealt with issues relating to nose surgery from the very first day of their specialist medical training.

Before you make your choice about which nose surgeon to use, you should focus particularly on the following questions:

  • What specialist medical training does your potential nose surgeon have?
  • Was nose surgery a key feature during your nose surgeon’s basic and advanced training?
  • Was nose surgery a surgical specialism in the clinic where your potential nose surgeon trained?
  • The form and function of the nose are often inextricably linked together. Most patients could not imagine a qualified aesthetic nose surgeon who does not consider functional aspects. Is your potential nose surgeon fully trained, both in functional as well as in aesthetic nose surgery?
  • Will your nose be corrected by a fully-trained nose surgeon or will your operation be carried out by two surgeons with different specialisms?

Gut feeling

A “gut feeling” is underestimated by many, but is still a good indicator. Do you feel like you are in good hands with your potential nose surgeon? If you had to have a second operation or a post-operation, would you be happy for this to be performed by the same doctor?

Costs for a nose correction by a qualified surgeon

A professional and carefully conducted nose correction is a complex and valuable surgical service. As well as your nose surgeon, highly-qualified, specialist medical staff are also involved in your treatment..

This level of service from a team of qualified experts creates additional costs, such as the provision of suitable operating rooms with flawless hygiene and precision instruments appropriate for nose surgery.

Against this background “special offers” should be examined carefully.

Gather a number of specialist medical opinions

The decision to have a nose correction and which nose surgeon to use has far-reaching consequences. Gathering a second or third opinion is always recommended if you are in any doubt.

A chaperone or someone to provide support

Particularly for young patients, even if they are over eighteen, it is helpful to have support from another person,e.g a relative with more life experience. Older and experienced companions have as a general rule the necessary distance to analyse more effectively the thoroughness of the consultation, the general setting of the practice or clinic and the credibility of the potential nose surgeon. But this is not only true for young patients.

Do you have a person you trust, who you would like to accompany you to a consultation?