What services can you expect from an experienced nose surgeon?

It is a justified question, if you would like to find out about the realistic prospects at an early stage, and one which an experienced nose surgeon can help you get started with. No less important however is also their estimation of the limits, especially if your interest in nose surgery is aesthetic.

Before the nose operation

Experienced nose surgeons are available to talk to you about realistic or possibly unrealistic expectations, for example, for patients who have very thick nasal skin, a very finely modelled and defined nose is often not possible. If we decline a request for an operation due to unrealistic expectations, this is a sign of respect for your concerns. When a patient's expectations are unrealistic, even a rhinoplasty that has been performed perfectly is unlikely to satisfy. By deciding not to carry out an operation, we spare you the operation risk and the cost of the rhinoplasty.

During the nose operation

An experienced nose surgeon can carry out the surgery as planned or make adjustments if circumstances during the operation so require. The probability that your objective is achieved is high for an experienced nose surgeon, even if unpredicted events occur.

What services can an experienced nose surgeon not provide?

The failure rate for nose corrections is noticeably higher amongst inexperienced surgeons than amongst experienced surgeons. But even an experienced surgeon cannot give any guarantee of success. For a professional and carefully-conducted nose correction may often lead to a successful operation, but unfortunately not always.