We are one of 16 microsurgical FIMF centres around the world

In very specialised and sophisticated branches of surgery, as represented by surgery of the middle ear and skull base, it is essential that technical and surgical experiences of the surgeons are constantly exchanged and shared. As one of only 16 centres of excellence worldwide, we belong to the international network of the organisation FIMF Fisch International Microsurgery Foundation, to achieve precisely these goals.

The name FIMF stands for world leading microsurgical achievements

The FIMF Fisch International Microsurgery Foundation in Zürich is one of the most internationally renowned and leading specialist medical institutions for surgery of the ear and skullbase. It was launched by Professor Ugo Fisch as a foundation. He is one of the most important and most innovative specialists in ear and skullbase surgery worldwide.

FIMF is committed to continuous innovation in microcurgical operations

For three generations now, ear and skull base surgeons have had the opportunity to learn the principles and techniques of the Fisch surgical approach from the highly specialised international network of experts at the FIMF. These techniques are always being refined. Continuous innovation ensures that we can apply more efficient and gentler techniques on our patients. Here, micro surgery plays an absolutely crucial role. The surgical microscope and tiny endoscopic surgical tools are indispensable in dealing with the fine filigree anatomy of the ear and skull base.

You can find further information here: www.fimf.ch

Patient information:

As every human being is different and in medicine, because of its very nature, the success of a method cannot be guaranteed, all of our patients receive information before the treatment starts about the procedure, possible alternatives and even about possible risks and complications. Because we want to achieve the best possible care in partnership with you.